ReMembering the Church

Sometimes people who have been away from the Church for a while get to a point at which they feel that something is missing from their lives. They may experience a restlessness, an emptiness, a longing that only God can fill. Many say that they miss the Eucharist and the sense of belonging to a community of faith.

  • Re-Membering Church is a welcoming program designed to reach out with love and concern to those who are considering returning to the Catholic Church The name actually has a twofold meaning. Participants who have been away both “remember” their Catholic roots and “re-member” or become a member again of the Catholic community. This six-week program provides a safe and non-threatening environment in which inactive Catholics have the opportunity, within the context of a small, caring community, to reacquaint themselves with Catholic beliefs arid practices and begin making the transition to the active practice of the Catholic Faith.
  • Re-Membering Church is offered twice a year at Christmas and Easter, occasions when inactive Catholics often miss our Catholic traditions An invitation from a caring parishioner to join us for the celebration of Mass might be all it would take for them to come back. these great liturgical feasts are an excellent opportunity for evangelization as members of our faith community extends a warm welcome to those who have been away. A follow-up welcoming program is then offered through our “Catholics Coming Home for Christmas” and “ Welcome Home for Easter” series.
  • Re-Membering Church has no formal agenda except to address the questions, cares, and concerns of those who are seeking to reconnect with the Catholic Church.

For more information on how you can be involved, please contact the parish office.