Parish Staff

Here you will find all of the key contact people who fill staff support roles in our parish. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for individual staff members not published here can be found in the weekly church bulletin or you can make contact with staff by calling the parish office. Those with email have email links on their names – others can be reached through the parish office

Associate Pastor
Fr. Alessandro Calderoni
Permanent Deacon
Rick Stookey
Permanent Deacon Gary Beam
Permanent Deacon
Dick Berberet
Permanent Deacon
Danny Brennan
RE & Youth Secretary
Communications Director/Bulletin Editor Bella Westlock
Receptionist/RCIA Secretary
The Ministry Directors below can be contacted through the parish or for those who have an email address – click the name below to send an email to them.
Coordinator of Religious Education for Children
Lisa Remmert 
Director of Education for Adults & RCIA
Viviana Suarez
Youth Director
Deb Malcom
Director of Saint Benedict’s Preschool Diana Philips
Parish Nurse
Director Of Music