Three major committees are here to assist our priest in the growth and management of the Parish. Building Committee, Finance Committee and Parish Council.

Building Committee

This council is one of the busiest of the bunch of folks. They are responsible for the recommendations. research and finally involved in the planning of any changes to the buildings and property. Most recent years they were involved in the remodel the church and the major renovations that expanded the Parish Hall, Added modern classrooms and the bell tower.

Unlike the Parish Council the members are decided by nomination instead of election.

Finance Committee

The Saint Benedict finance council is a group of parishioners who meet every month to give the pastor financial advice – They balance the books and help to ensure the parishes income is properly budgeted and the finances are wisely invested. They submit balance sheets and financial reporting on the health of the parish so obviously their work extends far beyond the monthly meeting time.

Unlike the Parish Council the members are decided by nomination instead of election.

Parish Council

The parish council is made up of a a combination of elected and appointed members. Three members at large are elected by the parish each summer and the members agree to a 3 year term. Making up the balance of the council are the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Deacon and each year there is a member appointed by the Pastor. Other ministerial groups will assign non-voting representatives to the Council in order to bring attention to the parish of the efforts and specific needs of the groups.

The work of this council is to bring to the attention any issues brought up by parishioners or other ministries. They also work with the Pastor to bring advice or act as a sounding board for any ideas or plans brought up for the parish.