Symbols of Lent

During Lent, we use symbols that relate to the themes of the season; the themes of repentance, renewal, ho joy. ASHES symbolize death and grief as well as the repentance we feel because we have not lived up to being the person God intends us to be. Out of the ashes of our past we can, with God’s help, be renewed spiritually and journey to a new life of faith and trust.

  • LIGHT Universal religious symbol which reminds us that Jesus is the light who shows us the way.
  • BUTTERFLY symbolizes new life and is commonly used to symbolize Easter. Out of a dead-looking cocoon emerges a new creation, free and radiant.
  • EASTER LILY symbolizes the Glory of the Risen Lord and the joy of the faithful who believe in God’s promise of new life.
  • HOT CROSS BUNS Yeast i-oils are cooked and topped with icing, in the shape of a Cross on top. This is to remind us of Christ’s cross and the yeast in the rolls reminds us of new life.
  • STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Also known as The Way of the Cross gives us a chance to think about the crucifixion of Jesus. Each station helps us to think about the pain and suffering Jesus went through because God loves us. The stations are prayed every Friday during Lent at 7:30 p.m. in the Church and on Good Friday the Stations of the Cross are prayed at 3 p.m.
  • SALT calls attention not to itself but to whatever it is to flavor or preserve. It purifies without destroying.
  • STONE dead weight of a stone can kill. Jesus saved a woman who was about to be stoned to death. Jesus is a life-giving stone.
  • PURPLE COLOR signifies suffering and sorrow; the suffering and sorrow that Christ endured for love of us.
  • BARE BRANCH symbolizes Jesus’ death on a wooden cross. It also reminds us that out of seeming lifelessness comes new life, both in nature and in the Resurrection,
  • WATER symbolizes cleansing and life-giving and is commonly associated with Baptism.
  • PALM BRANCHES symbolizes Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The branches remind us that there are both triumphs and defeats in our lives but that if we maintain our friendship with God, we will ultimately triumph.
  • DOGWOOD The legend says it once had a large trunk and was the tree the Roman soldiers cut down to use for the cross.
  • EASTER EGG it became a symbol of the rock tomb out which Jesus gloriously emerged to new life in the Resurrection.
  • PRETZELS they were all shaped to resemble the person in prayer with arms folded across their heart.
  • SEEDS reminds us of the wonder of life coming out of death. it prepares us to hear again the Passion and Death of Jesus. and to celebrate Easter.
  • FISH was a secret sign for Christ’s followers who were forced to worship in the catacombs in Rome. Now it is a symbol which stands for the Christian who has been brought to life in the waters of Baptism